Small group  training

Up the ante and train with a friend or two!


Training with up to two other people ensures a sociable, competitive and fun environment where great results are guaranteed. There's plenty of space in the studio for three people to train together and perfect for you if you prefer your training to have a bit more of a social element. If you have a couple of friends (and you don't all have to have the same goals) that are also keen on giving it a whirl, read on. 



Goals I can help you with


•Weight loss
• Better muscle tone
• Increased strength
• Running efficiency and performance
• Mobility and flexibility

• Training with friends creates a social and supportive environment
• Training plans are unique to each client
• Nutritional and lifestyle coaching
• Support via your preferred channel of communication


Trial the service

If small group training is something you'd like to experience with a friend or two before you commit to anything, you can claim a free group consultation and session by filling in the form below.

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Coming in for a trial? Here's what to expect

The consultation isn't anything too formal, it's just a conversation between all of us. We'll discuss your goals, dreams, work and family life and how that will impact your progress towards your goals, health and/or injury concerns and anything else that is relevant. We will also do a movement assessment so you will need training clothes and shoes. In a group setting, it's amazing to see the differences in how people move around. On the movement assessment there is no pass or fail, it is simply to see how you move around and helps me figure out how to program your sessions. There is also no set way of moving that is "perfect" either and each person will have different movements that they will be naturally good at according to their height, limb length, build and other factors.

During the group training session you will likely be working hard, but not too hard! It will be more an opportunity to highlight what amazing things you are capable of with good training and give you an idea of how best to progress you towards your goals. You will leave with a bit of a sweat on and a big smile. In group sessions there's often a little bit of competition as well, especially if you all have similar goals - this can help spur progress nicely.


Two more benefits of group training

  1. The price per session is significantly lower than 1-2-1 personal training. You will be able to get two sessions per week for slightly less than the price a 1-2-1 client pays for one per week!
  2. Training with a friend or two gives you an extra level of accountability. With more people invested in your progress and spurring you on, you'll get great results. 

Booking sessions

Clients benefit from an online portal and app where they can request sessions, amend bookings and see availability. The goal of the portal and app is to ensure clients always have control over their diaries and can plan in advance.