I’ve been working with Ally on strength training over the last 3 months, and have gotten amazing progress during that time.

I’ve been doing yoga and jogging previously, but strength training was one of the areas I’ve missed out on. Strength training has really improved both my yoga and running. It’s also helped in everyday life - lifting heavy objects feel so much easier.

Ally is a fantastic coach and motivator. Deeply knowledgeable in all areas of health and fitness - he can help with diet, cardio or other areas of health just as well as with weight lifting.

The gym is a great place to work out in - personalised coaching in a private space.

Really recommend Ally and Counterpoint Fitness to anyone intererested in taking their health and fitness to the next level.
— Justin, Personal Training client

I started training with Ally at Counterpoint Fitness in February 2017, aim was to build a more athletic physique and become stronger.

I was relatively fit, running 2-3 times a week but had never done weight training before.

The sessions and coaching are excellent, I’m genuinely addicted to it because the benefits are huge both physically and mentally.

I feel much stronger, I have toned up and physically I can really see the difference in my appearance. The training is something I really enjoy doing - I didn’t realise how much I would it enjoy it or how I would be hooked on it.

The personal training is so great that I recommended it to my wife as well. She’s now also a client!
— Conor Keating, M.D. of Empath (Corporate Wellness client)